10 Ridiculous Facts About Lamborghini’s Cars

Some car companies have the ability to surprise us, whether it be with their designs, their performance or the stories behind their cars. Lamborghini is one of those companies. From the start, the company surprised us, even when reading the real story behind Lamborghini’s Raging Bull logo. Just need to look at some of the Lamborghini Concepts that were too crazy for production.

Some of the surprises include what Lamborghini has achieved on the track, including at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. But then when we expect fast cars that look sleek and out-of-this-world, Lamborghini surprises us with something like the ‘Cheetah’ and the ‘Rambo Lambo’, off-road vehicles that can take on a harsh terrain. Let’s take a look at some of the most surprising, even ridiculous, facts about Lamborghini’s cars.

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The Awesome Turbo S

1984. And no, it was not some Orwellian dystopian future. Lamborghini created a hypercar that was craziness on wheels (and not in a bad way!). It was the Countach Turbo S. We are talking the mid-eighties and this Countach was capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph.

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Powered by a twin turbocharged V12 engine, delivering a massive 750 horsepower, not to mention the 646 lb-ft of torque, this hypercar was destined for one insane ride. But…. it never made it to production. Only two prototypes were built. This could have been Lamborghini’s first turbocharged car in production, but history tells another story.

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Record-Setting At The Nürburgring-Nordschleife



But if we are to talk about craziness, just need to check out the performance of Lamborgini around the Green Hell. In 2017, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante stopped the clock at 6:52.01. But that’s only the beginning.

Lamborghini Aventador


In 2018, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ clocked a spectacular 6:44.97, overshadowing the Porsche GT2 RS. But were we expecting any different? We all know that Lamborghini makes fast cars not only for track, but for the… ice?

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Lambos Haven’t Just Set Records Going Around The Green Hell…

Lamborghini Urus Record On Ice


In March 2021, Lamborghini broke yet another record, but this time it was on the ice. A Lamborghini Urus hitting a top speed of 185 mph over 1,000 meters, stormed into the record books. It was set at Lake Baikal in Russia. But the records don’t stop there.

Lamborghini Huracan

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A 3,000-hp Lamborghini Huracán completed a 1/4 mile in a blistering 7.33 seconds. It recorded top speeds of 194.52 mph. If we go back to 2018, a twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracán set a 1/2 mile world record with a top speed of 259 mph.

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Lambo’s Fascination With Pirelli Tires



Pirelli tires are proven winners in the automotive world, even being the exclusive supplier for the Formula1, a contract until 2024. But Lamborghini also has a very special relationship with Pirelli, having collaborated together since 1963, when Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted them to fit the 350 GTV with their tires.

pirelli tires


It was a collaboration that would continue for decades. Some of their most famed cars have been fitted with Pirelli tires, including the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that broke records at the Nürburgring.

Huracán Police Car

We all know that Lambos are some of the fastest cars on this planet. Because of this, the Italian police have added Lamborghini Huracáns to their stable of vehicles. Their paint job reflects the Italian police’s official colors. The cars are equipped with all the necessary technology, such as police radio, camera, portable fire extinguisher, to name a few.

Lamborghini Huracan Italian Police Car

via Twitter @poliziadistato

But these Huracáns are also used for medical emergencies, whether it’s transporting blood or organs, or for first aid. The cars are equipped with defibrillators and the necessary refrigeration setup for organ transplant deliveries.

Launching The 350 GTV – Where’s The Engine?

lamborghini 350 gtv


We all see a car and those first impressions melt our hearts, whether it be the sensuous lines of its design or the attitude it exudes. That was enough for Ferruccio Lamborghini to work with when showing the 350 GTV at the 1963 Turin Auto Show.



What people didn’t see was what was under the hood. Bricks! That’s right, there was no engine when showing this beautiful machine at the Auto Show. It had been a quick build. 4 months in total. But when the engine was to be planted under the hood, the engineers encountered a problem. The engine didn’t fit. So for the purpose of the show, bricks were used instead.

The Surprising Lambo SUV

Lamborghini LM002

Via Mecum Auctions

The public perception of a Lambo is often that of a supercar, sleek like a Countach, fast like a Veneno and maybe even a track star like an Aventador SVJ. But Lamborghini has a reputation for surprising us. The Lamborghini LM002, or otherwise known as the ‘Rambo Lambo’, breaks the mold as an off-road vehicle.

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Go back to the Cheetah, Lamborghini’s first attempt at an off-roader. The ‘Rambo Lambo’ came along in the mid-eighties, showcasing a new chassis. Remember that there was the special edition LM002 Evoluzione, created for the Paris Dakar Rally.

Owned By Volkswagen Group

Old and New Lamborghini Countach

Via Lamborghini

Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, and of course, Porsche are subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Group. But who would have thought that the Volkswagen Group owns Lamborghini? But as we have seen, Lamborghini are full of surprises.

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 Rear View With Original Countach In Background

via Lamborghini

In 1998, Audi AG, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, brokered a deal to buy Lamborghini for close to $110 million. But the deal would prove beneficial for the future success of Lamborghini. In fact, it has recently been reported that Lamborghini even recorded increased profits during the Covid pandemic.

Inspired By… An Insect?

Aventador SV - Front View

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Car designers take their inspiration from lots of things. Lamborghini is no different. For example, the inspiration for the Lamborghini Reventon was the F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet. Even the color took its inspiration from the fighter jet.

lamborghini insecta


The Lamborghini Aventador took its inspiration from an insect. It is not hard to imagine when you see those scissor doors opened and the car is seen from an aerial view. In fact, Iulian Bumbu went one step further and even designed the Lamborghini Insecta, a concept that took its inspiration from the exoskeleton of an insect.

Terzo Millenio – The First Electric Lambo

Lamborghini Supercapacitor Electric Vehicle Concept Terzo Millenio Battery

via passive-components.eu

The Terzo Millenio surprises us not only because of its sophisticated design, but because it is a pioneer as an electric concept by Lamborghini. Yes, we know about Lamborghini’s all-electric plans. But the Terzo Millenio concept is a springboard for the company’s future.

Via lamborghini.com

Like Lamborghini’s performances on and off the track and like their unexpected designs, the Terzo Millenio may surprise. But looking back at the history of Lamborghini, we shouldn’t really be that surprised. Surprises like the Terzo Millenio, the ‘Rambo Lambo’ and the Huracán police car should be expected with a company like Lamborghini.

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