2022 Subaru WRX With Lamborghini Ends Looks Like a Baby Urus

When you think about the things a Lamborghini Urus and a Subaru WRX have in common, you probably don’t imagine a list that’s too long. They both have all-wheel-drive, turbocharged engines, and, beyond that, not much comes to mind other than dad jokes such as “four wheels” and all the rest.

Now that the 2022 Subaru WRX is out, though, you can add one more thing to that… can we really call it a “list” with only two items on it? No, the Subaru didn’t get a V8 – that would be the day – nor did it have its price tag increased ten-fold – no, it’s something much less obvious than that. Well, at least until you notice it for the first time. After that, it’ll be the only thing you’ll be able to see.

We’re kind of underwhelmingly talking about the WRX’s new wheel arches. Subaru decided to give them an angular flare and squarer contour, two things that wouldn’t normally draw any attention, but when you put a picture of the 2022 WRX next to one of the Lamborghini Urus, you realize their designs are basically twins separated at birth.

The detail didn’t escape the eyes of the digital artist that goes by the nickname “Theottle” (granted, with the help of his community, according to his own admission), so he decided to take advantage of this newly gained similarity between the two and have them morphed into one single vehicle. A Subaru Urus, if you like – or a Lamborghini WRX.

Considering both ends of the WRX have been covered by the Italian SUV‘s front and rear, we’re more inclined to call it a baby Lamborghini Urus since it looks just like Lambo’s model, only smaller. It takes a pretty keen eye to realize it’s not an actual Urus that’s maybe resting a little too low on a set of air suspensions, but a completely fabricated model based on a Japanese sedan.

Now that we mentioned “Lamborghini” and “sedan” in the same sentence, we’re seeing a little resemblance with the stunning Estoque as well, though this virtual mashup severely lacks the concept car’s sublime elegance. The rear, however, is definitely an improvement over the actual proposal from Subaru’s designers – the lower part of the 2022 WRX’s rear is hard to explain; it’s almost as if Subaru doesn’t want the model to be successful.

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