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As the sneaker universe contracts and fans become clones who find safety in rocking the same sneakers and calling that style, in my mind there exists sneaker enthusiasts on an alternate plane who feel like fresh is a matter of having something other people haven’t seen and can’t name. On this plane, maybe two other people in the room are wearing the same pair, and when those two people catch a glimpse of each other, the subtle head nod is given and using telepathy, the words “I see you,” are heard. In some alternate universe “fresh” really means “Finding Rare and Equally Stylish Heads” and knowing that you won’t be laughed at for not wearing the “drop of the week”. Until that universe filters into our world, I’m delivering you shoes that are currently in stock that capture the color of the hottest shoe of the weekend.

Clearweather Interceptor “Kill Bill”
SRP: $145.00

The Interceptor Kill Bill is a bright yellow innovative sneaker. It is built with super stretch mesh upper and a leather toe overlay. Designed for a quick on and off. Black webbing lace system with our patented Gum EVA Stryktec® midsole. You will get a kick out of this exciting Clearweather sneaker. Ultra comfortable.


Clarks Wallabee Boot Lime

SRP: $145.00

Thanks to its moccasin construction and clean lines, the Wallabee Boot is a Clarks Originals classic. This eye-catching take on our distinctive lace-up design sees vibrant hairy lime suede team with a contrast leather collar for a contemporary look. The signature Forest Stewardship Council®-certified rubber crepe gives underfoot durability, combining with a three-quarter sock for supreme comfort that stands the test of time. A truly crafted profile.

Source: Clarks Wallabee Boot Lime

Puma Porsche Legacy Clyde All Pro
SRP: $140.00

The legacy of Walt “Clyde” Frazier meets the legacy of the Porsche 911 in this dynamic collab court shoe. We’re soaring into this season with this lightweight pair of kicks that are ready to dominate the court, the track and everything in between. All-Pro features ProFoam+ for added stability and cushioning as well as PUMA’s lightweight yet durable Matryx material for insane speed and support. A high-energy hue and Porsche 911 hangtag will be the last thing they see before you put ’em in the rearview mirror.

Source: Puma Porsche Legacy Clyde

New Balance XC-72 Casablanca
SRP: $149.99

Celebrate culture and heritage with the Casablanca XC-72. Designed in collaboration with Casablanca, this signature shoe is made with chrome-free suede and vintage knit mesh fabric for a stylish, contemporary look and feel. EVA midsole cushioning and dual-tread details on the outsole offer practical features that hold up to all-day wear.

Source: Casablanca XC-72


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