A missed pole position for Norris in Belgium? McLaren “car was very good”

In qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, Lando Norris looked like a candidate for pole position until his major crash at Eau Rouge in Q3. A week later at Zandvoort, Norris suggests he feels “as good as he can” as the McLaren car looks to be getting stronger and stronger. 

Frustratingly for Norris, it was a pole position that would’ve turned directly into a Grand Prix victory as a result of the rain. Still, Norris and McLaren demonstrated their ability to mix it with the best. 

“I think the car was very good. The setup was good, and in the rain it became even more lively compared to the dry,” Norris said in the press conference for the Dutch Grand Prix according to Motorsport-Magazin

“But – George will probably sign this – drivers can show a little more potential in the wet. It doesn’t depend so extremely on the car. You can take greater risks. I just had a lot of trust. I was there in F3 at the time, it was wet. I knew what I had to do. My self-confidence was high. Then you’re fast.”

Feels good 

Following the crash, Norris had to go to the hospital for an x-ray. But he was quickly passed to race in the Belgian Grand Prix. With only three laps behind the safety car, Norris was unable to test his arm/elbow to the full extent but he feels good ahead of the weekend in Zandvoort. 

“I’m back and feel as good as I can feel. Nothing to complain about so much that I would look like a hero this weekend,” Norris added. 

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