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The new Aiways U6 is called to boost the sales of the young electric car brand. This new SUV has been designed by a former Ferrari employee and boasts reliable performance. Aiways points out that its new plug-in SUV has a range of more than 650 kilometers.

Aiways It is one of the different car brands of Chinese origin that have decided to bet without complexes on electrification. This young company demonstrates the capacity of the Chinese automotive industry by launching an ambitious project with a very interesting product range. After materializing its landing, although with nuances, in the European territory, the firm is ready to carry out the next phase of its strategic plan.

The new Aiways U6
you’re ready to carry out your dealership assault. A new model that is called to boost Aiways sales. This model, recently anticipated through a concept car, will be produced and hit the market. This has been announced by the brand itself through its official website in which it already dedicates a space to the long-awaited U6.

The new Aiways U6 will hit dealerships in 2022. It’s a 100% electric SUV Coupé

The design of the new Aiways U6

In the Aiways range, the new U6 is positioned as an alternative aimed at the young public looking for a vehicle with dynamic air as well as sporty. He does not hide his status as Coupe-type SUV. On the front we will find distinctive headlamps with LED technology and a bumper whose shape helps transmit great force. By the way, we must also take into account the brand’s insignia.

The side view brings out the true essence of the new U6. The door handles are perfectly flush with the bodywork. In addition, the entire lower part of the body is protected with appropriate plastic fenders and the wheels are designed to promote aerodynamics. And at the rear, in addition to a very pronounced bumper, the taillights are linked by a thin light strip that, in turn, emphasizes the width of the vehicle.

One of the keys to design has to do with the person who has led the Aiways work team. Is about Ken okuyama, a legend within the automotive industry due to its past linked to the Ferrari brand. What’s more, Okuyama has been responsible for the creation of some of the most outstanding jewelry on wheels. Now he is focused on turning this Chinese company into a global benchmark.

Aiways U6 - interiorThe new Aiways U6 has a complete technological equipment

The exterior aside, if we venture inside, we will find ourselves enveloped in a sleek and futuristic cabin. As it could not be otherwise, it follows the trend of the sector and has a gigantic touch screen that becomes the nerve center and a key component to manage most of the vehicle’s systems.

Aiways U6, an electric SUV with more than 650 kilometers of autonomy

When it comes to the electric propulsion system, Aiways says it will have a autonomy greater than 650 kilometers according to the NEDC cycle. It will be equipped with a 63 kWh lithium ion battery pack provided by CATL. The rest of the information related to the mechanical section and the benefits will be announced later.

When will it hit the market? The first deliveries of the new U6 are scheduled for the beginning of next year 2022. Serial production will start soon. It will be made in China.

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