All the details of the Savage Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak weapon

bentley releases full details of its savage continental gt3 pikes peak weapon thumbnail 6
bentley releases full details of its savage continental gt3 pikes peak weapon thumbnail 6

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In the past few weeks, the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak has had a new paint job and passed a series of tests before attempting the record. The car was taken to Willow Springs for chassis fine-tuning, and then soaring was done in Aspen, Colorado.

Meanwhile, a development engine has been thoroughly tested to analyze the performance of the renewable fuel used in next month’s hill climb. This innovative fuel, jointly developed by ExxonMobil and Porsche, will soon be available to conservative owners who do not want to part with their luxurious, fuel-guzzling Bentleys in favor of fully electrified models that will soon be available.

The 98RON E-Fuel will feed a race-proven version of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 road car engine that has been extensively modified to spew out more than 760 horsepower and 737 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of torque.

In order to achieve these massive values, the engine was equipped with a secondary cooling system that includes an additional water pump and a radiator. In addition, the engineers replaced the stock pistons and connecting rods with reinforced versions that have the task of converting over 32 psi (2.2 bar) of boost pressure into raw power. For the same reason, the intake manifold has been replaced with a reinforced carbon fiber alternative.

Akrapovic designed the exhaust system, which features bespoke 3D-printed Inconel manifolds that lead to larger turbos with external wastegates protruding from the sides of the car from screamer tubes behind the front wheels.

The Race to the Clouds starts at 2,834 m and ends near the summit at 4,297 m, where the air is less dense than at sea level. This means that in addition to the engine, a lot of work has been put into the aerodynamics of the car.

The Continental GT3 Pikes Peak uses a huge rear wing, which the company claims is the largest ever mounted on a Bentley, and a custom rear diffuser that surrounds the transaxle. To maintain the balance between the front and the rear, these components are combined with a wide front-end package that includes a huge two-piece front splitter. It might look like the Bentley swallowed the rear wing of another car, but it would fly and tip over without this arguably unaesthetic upgrade.

The suspension settings include extra-soft springs and stabilizers to allow more body movement and to maximize weight transfer during heavy braking. The brakes themselves are water-cooled to withstand the enormous loads that such a demanding course brings with it.

Together with the UK customer team Fastr, Bentley’s main goal is to set a new record for the Time Attack 1 division after breaking the one for production SUV with a Bentayga W12 in 2018 and a production car a year later with a Continental GT.

To dethrone Porsche and improve its time of 9: 36.559, the car has to complete the nearly 1,524m run at an average speed of over 125.5 km / h, but keep in mind that this involves 156 difficult corners. Fortunately, it is driven by three-time Pikes Peak champion and former “King of the Mountain” Rhys Millen, the man who is also responsible for Bentley’s two records mentioned above.

The 99th edition of the legendary hill climb is planned for June 27th. So be sure to mark this day in your calendar if you want to see the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak in action.

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