Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition is the Formula 1 Safety Car that you can buy

–         Focused on improving lap times

–         25bhp more powerful than the standard model

As we know Aston Martin will be providing the Safety Car for the 2021 Formula 1 season while also marking a return to the motorsport after a hiatus of over 60 years. Where the DBX will be the Medical Car, the V8 Vantage will be the Safety Car adorning the British carmaker’s iconic green paint job. Commemorating the occasion, Aston Martin has revealed the Vantage F1 Edition.

Front View

Called the most powerful and track-focused Vantage to date, the Vantage F1 Edition benefits from unique and significant chassis and aerodynamic improvements. Developed by the same team of engineers under Tobias Moers who made the official Formula 1 Safety Car, the F1 Edition only differs in the use of track-focused tyres and other bits including chassis tuning, aero and the automatic gearbox.

Right Rear Three Quarter

As for the engine, the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 produces 25bhp more than the standard Vantage taking the total up to 535bhp. The unchanged max torque of 685Nm is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic. The gearbox has an optimised torque management that reduces shift times and increases the feeling of directness and precision thus enhancing the driver’s sense of control.

Right Front Three Quarter

Moving to the chassis, the suspension and steering, there are detailed underbody modifications to increase front structural stiffness for improvement in steering feel and response. Reworked damper internals have increased the dampers’ effective force range over vertical body control – both through high-speed compressions and over crests – without any deterioration in low-speed compliance.

Right Rear Three Quarter

The tyres are upsized to 21-inches on the Vantage F1 and wrapped around them are specially-made low-profile Pirelli tyres. Other aero improvements result in 200kg more downforce at top speeds and thanks to a full-width front splitter, front dive planes, underbody turning vanes, and a new rear wing.  The rear diffuser remains unchanged though.

Front Row Seats

What’s more, customers can get their Vantage F1 Edition in Aston Martin’s distinctive colour palettes and trim options, including the Racing Green colour scheme seen on the Cognizant Formula OneTM Team car as well as the official Safety Car of Formula 1.  Inside, there’s new Obsidian Black Leather and Phantom Grey Alcantara upholstery and trim, with a choice of Lime Green, Obsidian Black, Wolf Grey or Spicy Red contrast stripe and stitching. A few standout elements on the F1 Edition are – the vaned grille, 2×2 Twill Carbon Fibre exterior detailing, graphics, and a new alloy wheel.

Left Side View

Lastly, the pricing of the new Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition is 142,000 Pounds in the UK. It is on sale now with deliveries scheduled to begin in May 2021.

Right Front Three Quarter

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