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Heir to the Lamborghini automotive dynasty, Tonino Lamborghini built his own accessories and lifestyle brand in 1981 to bring watches, jewelry and furnishings to an international clientele – all under the iconic symbol of the Miura Bull. In 1995, the journey of the brand shifted gears to bring its meticulous approach to premium Italian exports, founding the Officina Gastronomica to create branded ranges of coffee, pasta and wine to consumers. 

This licensed expertise of culinary experience then led to the placement of branded cafés and restaurants, with the first physical location landing in Cairo, Egypt, and the launch of new food and beverage brands such as the Tonino Lamborghini energy drink, the first Tonino Lamborghini 5-star hotel in Suzhou, China, and the brand’s own smartphone, the Antares. 

Expanding its partnerships constantly over the years to new hotels and luxury products, its core product base of watches and accessories continued to evolve as the brand reached an 

entirely new velocity. 

Now, after four-decades of translating Made in Italy style to new products, Ferruccio Lamborghini is in the driver’s seat and telling a new brand story to take his father’s iconic brand 

extensions further. 

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