Chris Harris Tries Out the Lamborghini Sian, Is He Impressed?

When the Italian manufacturer introduced the Sian, which means lightning in the Bolognese dialect, it also created the company’s most powerful Lamborghini.

Top Gear
teased the Lambo review back in March, and now they uploaded the full episode with Chris Harris pushing it to its limits and beyond. The British journalist notes he’s not as excited about the prospect of the new supercar as he was in the past? Why? The answer is simple. Supercar manufacturers are racing against each other each year in creating the world’s fastest and most powerful vehicle, and there’s always something new out there. Just like having a new iPhone every year takes the fun out of owning the latest model, introducing a new supercar isn’t such a flex anymore. Especially when you get to test most of them, like Harris.

Despite all that, his excitement skyrockets as the engine starts roaring. The Sian seems ready to contradict him in every single way. Harris points out that it’s not only the most powerful Lambo to date, but also the fastest. His voice turns weird with enthusiasm (can’t blame him, right?) and he needs to speak loudly to cover the impressive soundtrack of the V12. The video editing has done a great job in highlighting the sense of speed, making the whole video look like a Hollywood movie trailer. 

Harris is not chasing any enemies, but making jokes saying that the hypercar is “asking a lot of questions” about his driving skills. We very much doubt that when it comes to racing drivers though.

Of course, Lamborghini released a limited run of just 63 Sian units, that are reportedly sold out already. The hypercar is powered by a very thirsty 6.5-liter naturally aspired V12 engine, rated at 774 horsepower. To that, add a 48-volt electric motor, which comes along with another 34 horsepower, giving the hyper-hybrid a total of 808 horsepower (818 ps), more than any Lamborghini so far. The resources are transferred to the tarmac through a seven-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

All of these provide the Sian with a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) acceleration time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph (350 kph). But here’s where the interesting part is: the new Lamborghini doesn’t store the energy in a regular battery pack, but in super-capacitors, which charge faster, recovering energy while braking, and put the power out faster. The innovative technology might explain (part) of its price tag.

While Lamborghini hasn’t shared the exact figures, the car swirls around the $4 million mark.

Harris also noted that, when you’re going fast, you don’t feel it’s a hybrid, and there’s no battery-related feel to it, comparing it to the decade-old Aventador.

Calling it a “wonderfully ridiculous object,” Harris seems pretty impressed with the new Italian supercar. He adds that, when the next generation of future electric cars would look back at this V12 Lamborghini Sian, they would note how “insane” it was.

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