Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 victory with McLaren spawns special 720S for Australia

McLaren 720S Daniel Ricciardo Edition

The F1 livery looks great on a road car.


Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo had a very good day this past month taking home first place at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix. It marked his first win with McLaren and his teammate Lando Norris cruised to second place, securing a one-two finish. Now, it’s time to celebrate as McLaren Special Operations rolls out the 720S Daniel Ricciardo Edition.

The car wears papaya spark, the same hue covering McLaren’s F1 cars, with splashes of burton blue to mirror the race car’s livery. The exterior also has Ricciardo’s race No. 3, etched on the dihedral doors and the Australian flag proudly displays on the front quarters.

McLaren 720S Daniel Ricciardo Edition



Finishing the tasteful special edition off are sill plates inscribed with Ricciardo’s signature. There, owners will also find notation explaining the car is just one of three ever built. With that said, it’s worth noting the car will only be available to order in Australia. Any Danny fans elsewhere around the globe will miss out. Perhaps MSO can concoct something similar one day.

Like basically anything that comes from MSO, there aren’t prices attached to this special edition. But three Aussies will have a nifty McLaren to park in their garage.

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