‘F1 announces more on 2026 before Turkey, possible arrival of Audi and Porsche’

Before the Turkish Grand Prix there will be more clarity about the engines from 2026 according to Michael Schmidt. According to the journalist of Auto, Motor und Sport Audi and Porsche will join the race if the rules become as they seem now.

Formula One teams’ current engines will last until at least 2024. For now, new engines are still scheduled to be introduced in F1 from 2025, but it looks increasingly likely that those plans will be pushed back by one year. The current engines, which are no longer allowed to be developed from 2022 onwards, will then last until 2025.

Porsche and Audi to F1

From 2026 onwards there will be a new engine and more and more is becoming clear about this. Schmidt tells in a video of Auto, Motor und Sport Schmidt tells us that Stefano Domenicali is positive that more will be revealed before the Turkish Grand Prix. It would still be a V6 engine, but the most expensive part of the engine, the MGU-H, will disappear from the new engine.

According to Schmidt, Formula 1 will also standardize more components. This will reduce the cost of developing an engine and open the door for other manufacturers. Schmidt states that if the rules which are now being planned are actually implemented, Audi and Porsche will both enter F1.

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