‘F1 has new engine for 2026, opening door for Porsche and Audi’

The ball is in the court. Auto, Motor und Sport Is reporting that Formula 1 has tied the knot for the new engine from 2026 onwards. The MGU-H will disappear from the current model and Energy Recovery will only be gained on the rear axle. This all leads to the fact that Audi and Porsche would like to commit to F1 for the long term.

New Formula 1 engine

In 2022 the cars in Formula 1 will change, but the engines will remain the same. Until 2025 the current engines will be used, but from 2026 there will be a change. Formula 1 has come to an agreement with the current manufacturers. The manufacturers are willing to give up a part of their lead, but only when Porsche and Audi make a long term commitment.

This means that the most expensive part of the current engine will disappear. The MGU-H was a thorn in the flesh of many manufacturers, because it cost a lot of money to develop this part, while there was a lot of ground to gain. Because of this it took a long time before Honda was on a par with Mercedes, and other manufacturers refused to enter F1.

Audi and Porsche in F1

The disappearance of the MGU-H was accepted by the F1 teams on one condition: The new manufacturers must commit to Formula 1 for the long term, or at least five years. This seems to be the case, so from 2026 onwards we will have an engine without MGU-H and two new manufacturers: Audi and Porsche.

In fact, according to AMuS, both brands will end up in F1. Just like in the World Endurance Championship, the two teams can spread the costs, but with two teams there can be double the profit. Volkswagen hopes for a higher budget cap for the engine manufacturer, where Mercedes wants it as low as possible.

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