‘Fast food Ferrari’: The 1962 Breadvan

Weird, bizarre and perhaps even disturbing for Ferrari and supercar purists, but the Italian stallion badge actually did construct this eye-crusting Breadvan in 1962.

Perhaps thankfully, it was a once-off project by Ferrari which only ever made one Breadvan, which was based on a 250 GT SWB.

The original 1962 Ferrari Breadvan. Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

Niels van Roij pays hommage to Breadvan original

And now, Dutch car designer company Niels van Roij Design has created  a tribute to the original — known as the Breadvan Hommage — this too is the only car of its kind in existence.

And according to Business Insider US, only one Breadvan Hommage exists because it was specially commissioned by a customer — meaning no price was attached to Van Roij’s recent release about the car.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

‘Weirdest thing’ to emerge from Ferrari stable

Considered, “without a doubt”, the weirdest “thing” to ever emerge from the Ferrari stable, the 1962 Ferrari Breadvan, recreated in the Niels van Roij Design Breadvan Hommage is based on a Ferrari 550 Maranello donor car.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

Bespoke interior, hand-beaten body

Van Roij introduced its unique headlights and custom exhausts, while the body and completely bespoke interior was hand-beaten and hand-made respectively, with the body work being undertaken by a coachbuilder named Bas van Roomen. Blue Alcantara and quilted black leather hallmark the upholstery of the interior.

Shooting-brake rear design

The Hommage’s suspension system was supplied by a performance suspension company named Koni.

The original car was given a shooting-brake rear design for improved aerodynamics in racing and this was replicated in the Hommage version of the sportscar. Also included is a version of the gated manual transmission shifter.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

The design of the recreation started out as a series of ideation sketches, which the company then rendered into the final sketch. That rendering was then turned into a clay model to further help with the visualization process.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

Enter a ‘new original’

Interestingly, while Niels van Roij, the Breadvan Hommage’s designer, describes the model as  “a new original,” the vehicle sports a clock in the interior which carries the wording “Che importa,” which, in Italian, apparently reads  “Who cares!”

Niels van Roij is also renowned for a number of other impressive auto designs, including the  Adventum Coupe, the Model SB and the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

In the beginning…

In a post on the company’s website about the Hommage, Van Roij explained how the project had come about:

‘When a true admirer of an Italian brand reported to Niels van Roij Design with a special request to custom build a Breadvan Hommage, the design studio saw it as an honourable task to translate the iconic racing car into a car from the more recent past. The Breadvan was built by Sports Cars of Modena, owned by Piero Drogo, for Count Giovanni Volpi di Misurata, owner of the Scuderia Serenissima.”

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

“We see it as a great privilege that we can honour the Breadvan through this Hommage commission,” said Van Roij.

Image: Luuk van Kaathoven/Niels van Roij Design

“It is a complex task to translate the essence of the legendary ’62 car into a contemporary design. We intend to be inspired by the old car, but will ensure we are not limited by it in our creativity. The Breadvan Hommage is a new original.”

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