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Ferrari News – The seven biggest shock wins in F1 (list)

2012 Barcelona Pastor Maldonado

Finally we get to one of the most famous racing drivers of the last decade, for mostly the wrong reasons. But Pastor Maldonado, for all of his many faults, is the last driver to win a race for Williams. While we hope that doesn’t remain the case forever, it is worth noting that while Maldonado’s win was a shock, it was absolutely not undeserved.

Maldonado surprised the F1 world on the Saturday by sticking his Williams FW34 second on the grid – for context he had a accrued a total of 3 points in the four preceding races. Then Lewis Hamilton, who had qualified on pole, was demoted to the back of the grid after running out of fuel. So Maldonado would start on pole, but he still had Fernando Alonso next to him and Kimi Räikkonen behind. Duly Alonso leapt to the front and it seemed like a nice home win for the Spaniard was incoming with Maldonado taking a plucky second place. 

But then Williams pulled a masterstroke, pitting Maldonado for his stop before Alonso. The resulting undercut left Maldonado ahead of a charging and angry Alonso. Something then clicked within Maldonado, and suddenly a man who was rightly accused of being erratic and a bit accident prone was transformed into a calm and commanding driver. He held off Alonso for over 40 laps and took his first (and only) F1 win. Not only that but it was just his third ever points finish. The fact that the Williams garage then proceeded to catastrophically catch fire just added to what was a mind-boggling day.

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Ferrari News – The seven biggest shock wins in F1 (list)

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