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Ferrari News – YouTuber Buys Modern General Lee To Do Huge Jumps But Gets Stuck In Snow Instead

Primetime TV used to be a haven for cars that were every bit as famous as the stars, from the KITT Trans Am of Knight Rider to the Ferrari Testarossa driven by Florida’s finest in Miami Vice. But few videogenic four-wheelers could match the 1969 Dodge Charger otherwise known as the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.  Years after the show’s exit, the legacy of the orange muscle car still endures and even prompted one YouTuber to buy a loose copy of the vehicle to test its prowess in the stunt department.

It’s A Challenger, Not A Charger

Credit video channel Street Speed 717 and its host who simply answers to Mike for landing one version of the vehicle with the persuasion of his neighbor Rich, a longtime fan of the show. They’re gobsmacked when they check out the vehicle in a parking lot where they’re about to purchase it from a Hazzard devotee. One has to accept that this General Lee replica is a Challenger rather than a Charger.

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That fact isn’t lost on Mike, though, who did his homework. Back in 1969, the Dodge Charger was a two-door muscle car, while all modern Chargers have four-doors. A few years later, Challengers started to resemble the original Charger. Still, Mike is totally sold over the work that went into the vehicle, right down to the 01 paint job on the side panels and when he hears the car horn tooting “Dixie.”

The General Lee Loses To A Layer Of Snow

Dodge Challenger General Lee replica stuck in snow

Street Speed 717

“I’m going to take such good care of it,” said Mike once the title changes hands. “It’s going to be great.” The next moment, he’s got that Challenger burning rubber from a standstill, while banjos play for added effect. Taking his new beast on the road, Mike is impressed over how well it handles, especially since it has only 44,000 miles on the odometer.

But when he veers off the highway onto a side road, it’s not long before he gets his new General stuck in the snow.

“it’s not going anywhere at all,” laments Mike, given that his new Dodge is still on the flat road and the snow isn’t all that deep. Then he notices something when walking around the vehicle. “There’s no tire tread at all,” he said. And so ends any chance of replicating any General Lee stunts, at least for today.

Original General Lee Wrecked Several Times

Dodge Challenger General Lee replica burning rubber on highway

Street Speed 717

Maybe that’s fortunate for Mike, since The Dukes of Hazzard went through a slew of Chargers throughout its seven-season run. Most of the cars were damaged after they were filmed catapulting themselves through the air from ramps hidden from the cameras, while others were wrecked during several car chase scenes. But given, the show’s conspicuous southern location, there isn’t one episode where the famous Charger had to take on such a natural enemy as snow.  Perhaps Mike should consult his history books as General Robert E Lee himself, never marched more north than Maryland, and that was in September.

Source: Street Speed 717

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Ferrari News – YouTuber Buys Modern General Lee To Do Huge Jumps But Gets Stuck In Snow Instead

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