Schumacher dilemma in Formula 1 – Ferrari and Haas fail at the first hurdle

Schumacher dilemma in Formula 1 – Ferrari and Haas fail at the first hurdle

Mick Schumacher is about to start his first year in Formula 1. But even before the start there are significant problems – the engine is not running.

Banbury – Mick Schumacher and his Haas team were supposed to be popping champagne corks – but nothing came of it.  The  engine of the new Formula 1 car is not running. Ferrari is also to blame for this.

It should be a very special moment for Mick Schumacher. But the mandatory fire-up has to be canceled this year. When the engine of the new racing car is started for the first time, the entire team usually gathers and prepares itself for the coming season. This year, however, the engines remain silent for the time being.

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher’s Haas team does not start the engine

As in the previous year, Haas gets its engine from Ferrari.  The  US team is building its cars for the first time this year in the factory in Banbury, England, because many components that will be taken over due to the 2020 regulations are already there. Dallara engine, gearbox and aerodynamics are delivered from Italy.

“In terms of logistics, this is easier this year than sending our parts to Italy for assembly,” explains Haas team boss Günther Steiner. But while the transfer is not a problem for the components, the situation is different for the employees. “

 The  drive is built in, but to start it we need the Ferrari guys from Maranello. And they can’t come to England at the moment, ”said the 55-year-old South Tyrolean.

 The  Ferrari engineers would first have to go into isolation for ten days.

 The  British government is currently stipulating this.

“We can’t afford that in time, so we decided to do the starting in Bahrain.

 The  team will assemble the car in the UK and then the final fire-up will take place before testing in Bahrain, ”says Steiner.

 The  winter tests in the desert place will take place from March 12th to 14th. So no optimal preparation for the Haas racing team, which finished ninth in the constructors’ world championship last season. “None of this is ideal. But it benefits us that we are taking over many parts from the 2020 car, such as the gearbox or part of the wiring harness. A year ago, a late fire-up would have been considerably more risky, ”explains Steiner.

Formula 1 fans laugh: “You can’t even build an engine into a car”

 The  lack of an engine was criticized on social media. “You can’t even put an engine in a car,” a user raged on Haas’ Instagram channel. Another post asks: “Have you got the engine by now?”

As for the remaining parts, despite the extensive “carry overs” of 2020, some things are new, which has to do with the new Formula 1 underbody rules for 2021. “Things like front wings, baffles and brake ventilation are new.

 The y had to be adapted to the new sub-floor, ”says Steiner. (ck)

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