‘Sometimes you lose the killer instinct’.

Gerhard Berger feels that Ferrari could quickly lose its killer instinct when the atmosphere within the team is too good. According to the Austrian driver the team needs to have a mix of cultures and not just Italians.

Ferrari is missing someone at the top

When Italians are all together, sometimes they like to fall into their comfort zone“, Berger opened at the podcast In The Fast Lane. “As much fun as everything is, I think it’s always good to have in a team a mix of cultures, different countries and someone at the top who can manage this.” The ten-time race winner has himself driven for Ferrari for a period of time.

“When everything is very nice and there is a great atmosphere, sometimes you lose the killer instinct. Two guys were able to go to Ferrari and make it a winning team: they were Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher, said Berger.

McLaren the good example

In addition, the Austrian mentions a good example of 2021. He sees Daniel Ricciardo turning McLaren into a winning team. According to Berger, Ricciardo and Lando Norris are the perfect combination. “At the top is Daniel, always caring and someone who can always bring a good atmosphere. In addition, he will be very useful for the team as well.”

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