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Andrea Baldi, Lamborghini’s new CEO in the United States, recently stated that he is not sure if electrification is the right way to go. This, however, does not mean that the super sports car maker will be left out of a segment that has been growing day by day. And proof of this is in the report leaked this week by the Automotive News website.

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According to the publication, Lamborghini is working full force to present its first car % electrical between 2025 and 2027. And the first information about what is being prepared was surprising. Stephan Winkelmann, global CEO of the automaker, said only that the car “would fit into a fourth line of models”.

This small “slip” by the executive, added to what the site found, it was enough for the signs to point to a GT-style electric car, meaning a coupe with a 2 + 2 seating configuration – two in the front and two smaller in the back — common in models like the Ford Mustang and Porsche 911. If the rumor is confirmed, it will be the first GT manufactured by Lamborghini since 1024, the year the Espada came out of line.

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Help from the “sisters”
Image: Mikel Parera/Unsplash

The production of the first Lamborghini % electric, and possibly for four occupants, will have the collaboration of two “sister” companies of the Volkswagen group: Audi and Porsche. This does not mean, however, that the platform of the Taycan, the best-selling electric in Brazil, or of the future A6 E-Tron, would be shared. Lamborghini’s EV would use a Scalable Systems platform, still in development, and that would make the launch even happen in the middle of the decade.

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  • Regarding the possible motorization of the electric super sports car from Lamborghini, there is also a lot of speculation, but nothing effectively confirmed. The idea, however, would be to take advantage of what went right in the elaboration of the Countach LPI project 100-4, hybrid of 911 horses (which only had 100 produced units) and produce an electric motor that does not make the brand’s customer lose what Andrea Baldi called unique DNA.

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  • “You are buying a dream. We need to achieve a common goal: the emotion and authentic experience of Lamborghini. Customers demand the right context to experience a Lamborghini. If we can offer these experiences in the automotive and motorsport lifestyle, and expand into more intense contact, customers will remain within the brand.”

    Will a four-seater model, something the automaker has not produced for over four decades, offer what customers are looking for?

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