Glasgow Porsche driver parks flash motor on the PAVEMENT leaving locals furious

A PORSCHE driver has caused a car-ry on in Glasgow after parking his flash motor on the PAVEMENT.

The “a*****e” motorist dumped his pricey brief outside Oscar Bar and Kitchen in Shawlands yesterday.

Shawlands locals are furious at this Porsche driver's parking


Shawlands locals are furious at this Porsche driver’s parking

Clearly, the driver struggled to find an ideal space, but rather than look further afield, they decided just to park on the Skirving Street sidewalk.

Perhaps the Porsche owner thought it a clever way around their parking problems – but it led to a furious reaction from locals, who feared for anyone walking around the corner from Kilmarnock Road.

A snap of the shocking parking was shared in a community Facebook group, simply captioned: “WTF?”

The picture sparked an angry response from Shawlands residents, with many venting their anger both at the driver and the lack of parking spaces nearby.

Martha Farrelly wrote: “Obviously this driver is an a*****e… but it really highlights the parking problem in Shawlands.”

Valerie Ward replied: “Agree, but in this scenario I think it highlights more how some people think they ‘entitled’ to do what they like.”

Andrew Newell branded the motorist a “selfish git”, adding: “As an ex worker for the guide dogs for the blind, people who park on pavements should be towed away.”

Holly Hutton commented: “What about people in wheelchairs, do these p****s not think?”

And Mani Ahmed sarcastically added: “Wit do you expect it’s a Porsche driver, they are allowed to park wherever they want.”

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