‘He should feel very guilty’

Lando Norris painfully missed out on victory at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon. The Briton was leading for a long time but had to acknowledge the superiority of Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race due to the heavy rainfall.

It’s not the first time a young driver has missed out on a victory at the last minute. Charles Leclerc seemed to finish in first place at the 2019 GP in Bahrain but suddenly had engine problems. It also happened to George Russell and Alexander Albon before.

“Obviously I can imagine how he feels,” Leclerc told Motorsport.com. “He is part of the decision-making process in situations like this and he should feel very guilty, but he is a fantastic driver. I think he has shown that a number of times this year. He is having a very strong season and I know he will learn from that.”

Leclerc expects victory from Norris soon

The Ferrari driver is therefore convinced that Norris will soon be standing with the first prize in his hands. “It’s only a matter of time before he gets his first win, so I don’t think he should be patting himself on the back too much after the race.”

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