Here’s Why The Lamborghini Diamante Is An Awesome Concept

The new Lamborghini Diamante concept is, perhaps, the closest incarnation one could imagine to the batmobile. Although such concepts aren’t in fruition yet, these sort of unorthodox ideas could elevate our current level of mobility.

Each gracious cut on its exterior complements the car being designed completely to replicate the flashiness of the facets of a diamond. This aggressive design was built and is symbolic of the essence of diamonds: pious, luxurious, and shiny.

The hype this concept develops isn’t all based on its looks but is also due to its innovative ideology. Curious, right?

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The Lamborghini Diamante Is A True Super Sports Car

Lamborghini Interior

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Designed by Thomas Granjard as a University project, the car is independently developed and not a Collab with Lamborghini. Quoting Thomas, “Lamborghini is a subtle mix of brutality and finesse.”

Every cut, every edge is a dagger meant to slice through gusts overpowered by its overwhelming presence. The flat car with a front air divider is intended to split the headwind into three.

  1. The downward repelled headwind is used to maintain optimum low pressure.
  2. The upper split of the headwind doesn’t influence the performance aerodynamically due to a relatively more front curvaceous roof.
  3. The remaining headwind is sent through the air vents in between and may be used for cooling.

The gusts entering through the side vent inlets are split mainly for two purposes. While one is used for intake for the engine, the other is used to siphon air to the braking systems and cool the tremendous heat of friction released during braking at high speeds.

The front wheels are equipped with a “Heat brake release” and an “Unstable air release”. From what it seems, it was probably designed to cool and break simultaneously. The front wheel arches cleverly hide the wing mirrors. Designed to be a two-seater with two variants, the car will have an all-glass canopy-styled roof and a flat convertible version to turn on the speedsters.

Speaking in terms of aerodynamics, the Lamborghini Diamante concept has the ring of being futuristic. With a curved windscreen, the efforts to maintain aerodynamic stability are visible. The rear movable wings and the movable side wings that slide towards the back to push the turbine exhaust upwards is simply a striking feature. Aesthetics apart, the car is designed with the most requisite specs like a flat, fast and aerodynamic design.

Unmistakably, this design study was meant to push fast electric cars’ ideology that enhances mobility and does not contribute to pollution. Furthermore, Thomas feels such cars are the future, and such concepts are expected to be unveiled in 2023.

The wheels are five-spoke, equiaxed pentagonal rimmed wheels; nothing out of the blue, but it complements the side view. The car’s discreet creases reveal the aggressiveness of an exasperated bull.

Lamborghini Diamante Interior replicates the human spinal network. The newly inbuilt central console is a better interaction console than the contemporary ones.

Blended looks with superb aerodynamics, what else does a super sports car need? These being simply one of the many impressive aspects of this design, its performance isn’t something you’d want to miss out on.

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The Lamborghini Diamante Performance Is To Set New Records

Lamborghini Diamante Specs

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The car is the epitome of what it means to “belong to the future”. Even though the concept is yet to be thoroughly refined, this beast is set to change how we perceive transport. This concept utilizes two micro jet turbines with all ranges of fuels ( Petrol, Diesel, Bio Fuels, Compressed Natural Gas) to produce the energy. This energy generated via turbines acts as juice for the battery.

It has an extended fuel range of 559.2 miles and an all-electric range of 93.2 miles. 15kWh Lithium-Ion Batteries electrically fuel the car. Although current models have higher wattage per hour, we believe this could also be accomplished quickly.

The cockpit is race-inspired, and obtuse-angled arm supports imply nothing but a car that burns dust as it blazes past them.

The car runs powered by four electric motors juiced by batteries that can be recharged electrically or by the turbine engines. The engine and the inbuilt system together can produce 965 hp and a maximum torque of about 1180 lb-ft.

What’s more is that the energy produced via braking is wholly utilized to charge the batteries, which is pretty damn awesome. There is no doubting that this concept is a dream for the future.

Everybody loves sports cars, but this concept is on a whole different planet.

We all aspire to whiz past our history and jump into the future; the Diamante concept offers this.

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