Holly and Phil start This Morning in Batmobile – but fans are distracted by name blunder

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield made quite the entrance to This Morning, in the iconic Batmobile.

Clad in the famous Batman masks, Phil was beside himself with excitement as he drove the classic car into the studio.

Holly whooped with excitement, waving her hands in the air, as she laughed: “I don’t think Robin would have done this.”

The pair climbed out of the car, and Phil raved about the vehicle as Holly exclaimed “With my wings of steel!”

Holly then gave a tour of the car, pointing out the Batphone. She picked it up and said “Arthur? It is Arthur isn’t it? Could you make me a martini? I’m not driving. Thanks very much.”

Holly Willoughby
Holly said the wrong name on the Batphone

Fans were soon tweeting over the error.

“Arthur?! ARTHUR?! Its Alfred! Hosing myself! 5mins into the show and you’ve cracked me up already!” said one.

“Who was Holly talking to on the Batphone……Arthur ?!?” queried another.

Someone else pointed out that “wings of steel” wasn’t right, either: “Wings of steel was Batfink..!”

Some fans loved it though: “I’m not a fan of Batman but that was such a cool entrance!” raved one.

“Yes that probably was the coolest thing they’ve ever done,” added another.

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield
Phil had the time of his life driving the Batmobile

Phil said they were only allowed to use the flamethrower for “serious crimes” so Holly joked about the “crimes” they’ve committed on the show.

“There are many crimes that happened on this show- crimes of comedy, crimes of presenting, crimes of TV!” she joked.

The car was part of a collection, but the owner says he has never watched many of the films that the famous vehicles are from.

Mark Perkins has spent three decades building his collection, Phillip’s favourite was the 1966 Batmobile.

Phil was swooning over the car

Mark bought the car in 1988.

Holly was struggling to focus, as she said she was distracted by all of the beautiful cars.

Also in his collection Mark had The Monkees car, and a few Disney inspired vehicles.

He also had Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batmobile, but he confessed: “Don’t ask me about the film, I’ve never seen it!”

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Viewers were admiring the collection.

One praised: “The owner of those cars seems a real lovely guy. What a collection. I’d have the Mini Cooper S.”

The Mini wasn’t the original from the film, but a copy as he says they’re very rare.

He said he wants to add more James Bond cars to his collection.

Phil wanted one of the Aston Martin cars.

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