‘Honda and Ferrari batteries maybe stronger than Mercedes’

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Lando Norris thinks that Honda and Ferrari have stronger power unit batteries than Mercedes. The young Briton drives his McLaren car with power units from the German manufacturer and although he is very happy with the performance, he does state that there is still room for development.

“In terms of engine power, we have made a big step in 2021,” Norris states to AS. Speaking to the Spanish newspaper, the current world championship number four states that McLaren are faster than last season especially on the straights.

He continues: “However, Ferrari and Honda have also produced strong engines and with those engines the batteries are also strong. Maybe even stronger than with us.” The electrical power is particularly important, as the MGU-K, for example, delivers up to 160 hp of additional power when deployed.

Battling with Red Bull

McLaren is fighting with Ferrari for the third spot in the constructors’ championship. Every now and then, however, the Woking-based racing team manages to peak, such as second place in the qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix. These are good signs for the team that has come a long way. However, fighting with Red Bull and Mercedes in the race itself is still a bridge too far.

“That’s what it’s all about in the end and then you see Red Bull and Mercedes pulling away, also with a huge consistency in tyre usage. That underlines how much progress we still need to make,” Norris concluded.

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