Hoonigan Pits A McLaren 720S Against Tesla Model S Plaid

Hoonigan get up to some pretty crazy stuff on YouTube. Whether it is running through an obstacle course or jumping a car over something, they get up to it all. One of their best video series on their YouTube channel is the “This vs That” series, where they take a couple of crazy machines and pit them against each other in a drag race. This time, they are taking a wild 1,000-hp McLaren 720S up against one of the fastest EVs currently available, the Tesla Model S Plaid. This promises to be a very quick affair.

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The McLaren vs The Tesla

The McLaren is a 2018 720S owned by Anthony. The car has a 1,000 hp V8 twin-turbo engine and is rear-wheel drive and comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Tesla Model S Plaid meanwhile is a 2021 model, that has 1,020 hp, one-speed automatic transmission, and is all-wheel drive. Its electric power in theory should give it the edge off the line. The 720S is clearly modified, built up by SSR Performance and with tuning, a new exhaust downpipe, and carbon fibre wheels and a body kit. The Model S, owned by Adam, is right off the showroom floor.

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The Drag Race: Supercar Vs Super Sedan

720S Vs Model S Plaid Drag Race One Start Off

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It’s quite a toss-up between which car will win. Both have roughly the same horsepower, but of course, the electric power should give the Tesla the edge off the line. Round 1 sees the first of the 1,000 feet head-to-head races, and as expected the Model S Plaid launches off the line. Quite frankly, it smokes the McLaren, showing what instant acceleration and an electric drivetrain is capable of. To make it a bit fairer, the two engage in a rolling race of 1,500 feet from around 40-60 mph. This, however, sees the same result, as the Tesla hauls away to the victory.

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The ‘That’ Wins Against ‘This’

720S Vs Model S Plaid Bonus Round Neck And Neck Finish

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This means the ‘That’ won against ‘This’ in the challenge, and it was clearly a major shock to Anthony as he nearly ran out of runway trying to slow the McLaren down. A couple of the Hoonigan guys got into the Tesla to put some weight down and the McLaren got a slight head start for a bonus round. And it was pretty much a dead heat between the two, with the Tesla just edging the 720S out and the McLaren getting even closer to the clutter at the end of the runway. Slightly terrifying to say the least!

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