How far apart are the teams in qualifying thus far?

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Now that six races have been driven this season, data can give us a better insight into the relative strengths of the teams. In this case it is about the differences in the average qualifying time.

Mercedes fastest

Despite the fact that Red Bull Racing is proudly leading the Constructors’ Championship and Max Verstappen is still at the top of the Drivers’ standings, according to the data Mercedes still seems to have the better car over one fast lap. Although minimal, the Brackley-based team is still 0.076 seconds faster than the RB16B.

Also somewhat surprising is the third place of Ferrari, which sits at “only” 0.284 off the top spot, although Ferrari took pole in both Azerbaijan and Monaco after a red flag. That the team still has some way to go in terms of race pace was evident in how quickly Charles Leclerc was relieved as leader of the race.

The tail of the field

The team with the most ground to make up is, unsurprisingly, Haas. Although it has to be said that a gap of 2.5 seconds is very big. It is also just under a second behind the penultimate team: Williams.

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