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Dirt5 Update500 Brazil
Dirt5 Update500 Brazil

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Codemasters will release the biggest Dirt 5 update yet next week, with new tracks, PS5-specific enhancements for the DualSense controller and 3D Audio, and a set of new premium cars all arriving with patch 5.00 on 20th July.

Let’s start with the content that’s free for all players. On 20th July, the Dirt 5 5.00 update available for all platforms will add two brand new tracks – San Conrado and Rio Seafront – which wind through the beaches and jungle of Brazil. There’s also five new trophies and achievements that will be added to the game, and five new iconic liveries for existing cars in the game – the BMW M2 Competition, Citroen C3 R5, Fiat Abarth 124 Rally, Porsche 911 RGT, and Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia.


Dirt 5 Update 5.00 San Conrado Track

The new San Conrado track takes you to the beaches of Brazil… for free!

On the creative Playgrounds side of things, the free Parts Unknown pack will add new space and sci-fi inspired content, as well as the addition of Weekly Challenges and Creator Rewards, to spur people on to invest time in the game.

PlayStation 5 owners will be overjoyed to hear that the long-promised DualSense haptic feedback improvements will also be coming in the 20th July update. Since launch, the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger implementation was… a bit different to what you might want for a racing game, and an overhaul for this aspect has been eight long months in the making. Here’s how Codies describe the upcoming changes:

These enhancements allow Dirt 5 to give you more feedback throughout every event. Notice the changes in traction across different surfaces, feel the brake trigger pushing against you as you slow down, sense the clunk of a gear change, and find the limit of adhesion as you steer and accelerate through corners.

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will help racers make the right decisions and maintain control of the car, as Dirt 5 sends a bucket-load of information to the DualSense pad and through your fingertips. It’s a racing sensation that must be played to be believed.

Hopefully they can deliver at the second attempt!

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Dirt will also now takes advantage of the PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech Engine, building on the regular surround sound implementation that the PS5 version of the game shipped with – the game had Dolby Atmos support at launch for Xbox and PC.

Finally, we come to the paid content. The Super Size Content Pack – available for Amplified/Year One Edition players for free, or separately on 20th July – will include tenty-seven new events, four more extra-large cars, two more sponsors and plenty of customisation items.

The four new cars are:

  • Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer
  • Armada Rock Racer
  • Rezvani Tank
  • Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept

Haptics or not, Dirt 5 is a great shift back toward arcade racing for the series. Tom said in our PS4 Dirt 5 review:

“Dirt 5 strips away the more serious elements of the franchise and puts all its eggs in one, arcade cabinet shaped, basket. At times a riot, in other areas a little repetitive and lacking in finesse, it nevertheless delivers on the concept of an adrenaline-fueled off-road racer. It’s a game that makes you sit forward in your seat and savour the joys of jumping a Dakar Rally Peugeot 3008 over a ravine.”

Source: Codemasters, PlayStation


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