‘If they don’t get some of the facts out Dominic Cummings is going to do it for them’

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29 April 2021, 12:53

Former Theresa May adviser Joey Jones says Downing Street needs to ‘get the facts out’ ahead of a damning dossier reportedly being prepared by Dominic Cummings.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari about the PM’s flat refurbishment, Joey Jones said: “The problem with this issue is that it was a crazy idea from the start.

“Somebody should’ve said to Boris Johnson if there was going to be a bill of £88,000, he couldn’t just expect everybody but the Prime Minister to delve down the back of their sofa and find the money. He would have to take responsibility for it.”

He added: “I’m sure that the Prime Minister’s own media advisors must know in their heart of hearts that the facts are going to come out, and it’s much better for them to try and control the narrative and begin to be more transparent, particularly when Dominic Cummings is going to do for them anyway.”

Mr Jones was referring to reports that Boris Johnson’s former aide Dominic Cummings is preparing a bombshell dossier of revelations that he may present to parliament next month.

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Nick Ferrari suggested: “they can’t wrestle this back now isn’t it? The horse has bolted hasn’t it?”

The former Downing Street insider replied: “You could see from his demeanour yesterday, he’s very rattled, he’s under enormous pressure, and I think a lot of that is because he knows there are people – not just former advisors, but current advisors – who plainly don’t feel loyal towards him at the moment.”

He then suggested that others who are ‘bound into this affair’ and ‘themselves feel their own reputations are on the line’ will have been very worried by what they saw at the dispatch box at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday.

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