Internet-famous pony Stitches shot and killed in Leeds; $10K reward offered

A pony named Stitches is shown in St. George, Utah. The horse was killed in Leeds over the weekend. (Jeremy Vogel, St. George News)

ST. GEORGE — Stitches, a 6-month old pony that achieved internet fame, was killed in Leeds over the weekend.

Stitches belonged to Calvin Jessop, who lives with his family in Washington City. Jessop bought Stitches’ mother when Stitches was just a foal.

Jessop told St. George News he found Stitches in her pen on Monday afternoon with a “perfectly round bullet hole through her chest.”

Videos of Stitches riding shotgun in a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO went viral, drawing attention from the likes of internet sensation Supercar Blondie, an Australian social media celebrity, presenter, and vlogger based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Jeremy Vogel, a friend of Jessop’s, told St. George News that Stitches was beloved by many who saw Stitches whinnying from the passenger side window of his Lamborghini.

Read the full article at St. George News.

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