Is This 1995 MkIV Toyota Supra Really Worth More Than A Same-Year Ferrari F355?

Supra 7K 02
Supra 7K 02

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The MkIV Toyota Supra Turbo was always a real blue collar hero. Yes, you had to be bringing in decent bread to be able to afford one when they were new and cost $10k more than a C4 Corvette.

But an A80-generation Turbo offered as much performance as a Ferrari F355 (way more if you believe  The Fast and the Furious) for less than half the money. And even if you couldn’t afford one then, you knew if you bided your time and saved your pennies, you’d be able to put one on your driveway in the future.

Unfortunately for those of us who were a bit slow to scratch that MkIV ownership itch, the ‘one day’ point was at least 10 years ago. Nineties cars are in huge demand, ’90s Japanese performance cars have exploded in value, and something as desirable as the 7k-mile Supra pictured here that’s currently up for auction on Bring-a Trailer, might as well be made out of gold.

This 1995 Sport Roof model, meaning it has the removable top, comes with more ticked boxes than a Nike sneaker warehouse as far as Supra fans are concerned. Aside from the 6571 miles on the odo and service history to back it up, it has a clean Carfax report that shows just one owner from new.

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And best of all, the legendary 2JZ 3.0-liter inline six is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. These Supras put out 320 hp in North American spec in 1995, though the 2JZ is man enough to hand much more if you’re prepared to tune it.

When we first came across the listing we though it was this 7000-mile Supra that sold on BaT back in 2019 coming back up for sale. Two years ago it changed hands for $121,000, then quickly reappeared at a Chicago Toyota dealership priced at $500,000.

But it appears they are two different cars. The one that sold in 2019 started off as a lease car in Florida, while this was first registered in Michigan. And if you’re already sucking air through teeth at the sound of that previous car’s $121k hammer price, which we called “mind boggling” at the time, you might end up thinking it a bargain after this auction ends.

The Michigan Supra had only recently gone live on Bring a Trailer at the time of writing, and with 9 days still to run bidding was already up to $136,000, surpassing Hagerty’s $134,000 ‘Concours’ condition valuation. But we’d want to investigate what looks like a potential color mismatch on the rear bumper before shelling out the kind of money that would buy a nice house in some neighborhoods.

And it’s also means you’ll pay more for this Supra than the Ferrari F355 that seemed so unobtainable back in 1995. Hagerty recommends $132,000 for a 1995 F355 GTS, but several low milers have sold on BaT for less. Which would you buy?

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