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Despite having launched in 2021 the Sián, hybrid model that matched the iconic V engine12 of 800 cv from the assembler to an electric motor 48volts and 12cv, but which is directly coupled to the transmission, Lamborghini is unsure whether line electrification is the way to go in the near future.

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    In an interview with TechCrunch, Andrea Baldi, the Italian manufacturer’s new North American CEO, was categorical when asked about the ban that several countries want to impose on the manufacture of new combustion vehicles in just over ten years: “ The move to hybrid, electric, and alternative powertrains is forcing us to rethink performance, and we’re not sure electrification is the long-term direction to go.”

    The Executive confirmed that Lamborghini’s idea is to have its entire line-up counting on hybrid engines 2022, starting with one that will arrive soon in 2022. The concern, however, is not to make the new releases mischaracterize what the brand’s customer is looking for when buying a sports car: emotion.

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    “You are buying a dream. Most customers are looking for a car that expresses their success. We exist because we have unique DNA. We can’t just create things in the vacuum,” commented Andrea Baldi. “Hybrid power trains are the next frontier where we are sure we can innovate. We need to achieve a common goal: the emotion and the authentic experience of Lamborghini”, he added.

    Customer’s Word

    Image: Disclosure/Lamborghini

  • The process of transforming supercars into hybrid machines, whether through electric motors or not, will count on the participation active customer service. This has already occurred, according to the CEO of Lamborghini, in the creation of the Countach LPI 800-4, announced car in August 2021 and which has an engine 800 power hp, including electric 34 volts.

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  • “The special project we did with Countach was an exercise in direct trust between the company and the customer. We had one-on-one meetings, as if they were friends, and that helped with everything we did with Countach. Building this vehicle was an emotional decision, and a good example of business”, he celebrated, noting that the units are all already booked.

    “Customers demand the right context to experience a Lamborghini. Supersport cars are expanding. If we can offer these experiences in the automotive and motorsport lifestyle, and expand to a more intense contact, customers will remain within the brand”, he concluded.

    Source: TechCrunch

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