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Lotus Driving Tomorrow Evija Programme 3
Lotus Driving Tomorrow Evija Programme 3

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Thanks to Geely’s financial muscle, the history of Lotus has radically changed. If it had not been for them today they would not exist, especially since their range is very veteran and sales are not what they should be. Now, they are taking the first steps to leave that ostracism behind. To do this, they have joined the paradigm that has changed the automotive sector: the electric mobility. The first example is the Evija, But will not be the one…

Develop the Lotus Evija technique It has been a feat. Not surprisingly, the brand’s engineering department has a long history. Not surprisingly, they still have to face new challenges, especially since they have to create a model range that allows them to grow in sales and, above all, in cost effectiveness. The path they will follow we have known does nothing and, if everything goes according to plan, it is promising, although its faithful are still angry, very much.

Lotus will bet on niche models and new SUVs that add volume

As announced by those responsible for Lotus, its engineering department is working on the design of up to four new platforms. Among them, there is one that the brand defines as “Premium Architecture” and is being developed among teams from China, Sweden and Germany. All these possibilities and combinations should serve to create a wide model range with a presence in all, or almost all, market segments.

And this is where the great stumbling block would be for the most fans of the English firm. Yes because your future depends, yes or yes, on your models being sold and profitable. Therefore, there is no choice but to join the market trends and offer one, two, three or four SUV’s. These types of vehicles are the complete opposite of the values ​​that the brand has raised during its existence, but instead they are the ones that give money, a lot of money …

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Lotus Emira: Hethel’s new sports car is seen in these teasers

Another of the platforms that will stand out is the so-called “E-Sports”. As you can imagine, it is designed to give life to the future electric sports cars of the Hethel firm. However, we could also see this base in other rival brands and models. The reason is that, once Lotus Engineering completes the development and commissioning, they sell it for that recover investment in R + D + i that they have needed for their creation.

At the moment there are not many more details about the plans of Lotus. We know that the Emira You are on the exit ramp, and if all goes according to plan, you will be in charge of launch the Premium Architecture platform that we have mentioned before. With it they will give deserved relief to the Elise, Exige and Evora maintaining their essence. It will be necessary to see if it does it only with endothermic engines or if on the contrary it will have some type of electrification.

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