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Lotus Engineering is one of the most important engineering consultancies in the world. Its existence may be unknown to many, but thanks to this division the English firm has been able to reach our days. Especially since when the auto division lost money, they cleared the bills with their income. Be that as it may, thanks to Geely’s economic injection, your future becomes clearer as new orders arrive.

Five years ago Hethel’s house sports plans they were reduced to nothing. The money they had in the box was limited to pay sponsorships and update their models. However the birth of the Evija and his Electrical technology They have given it a push. The proof is that a few weeks ago they confirmed that they were making the leap to racing with the E-R9 Endurance Racer. Now another association with the JBXE Racing team.

Jenson Button founded the JBXE Racing team that will race Extreme E alongside Lotus Engineering in 2021

And you will wonder What does Lotus Engineering paint with the JBXE Racing team? Well, very simple, participate in a new car competition. You may be caught off guard, but the electrification has not been limited to Formula E, as it has also made the jump to off-road. This is how the Extreme E in which pilots like Jenson Button they want to shine again as before in the premier class.

In this way, the British engineering consultancy, which is part of the Lotus Group, joins as technical partner supporting the JBXE Racing team. The work that they will carry out together can be seen in the Odyssey 21. This electric all-terrain vehicle will be driven, during the five stages that make up the first Extreme E world championship of 2021, by Button and his partner, the Swede Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky.

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According to Jenson Button statements

«Lotus is a great British brand that is inextricably linked to motorsport, so we are delighted to welcome Lotus Engineering to JBXE. Extreme E is a unique and exciting formula, full of world firsts and challenges, and to announce that a brand like Lotus Engineering is coming on this journey with us is a proud moment for me and the team. We are very excited about our new technical association and we can’t wait to show what we can do in the first race this weekend. “

We are convinced that the new Extreme E it will meet the “circus” expectations of those who have fallen short of Formula 1. In addition, this publicity is very good for Lotus, especially for its future plans.

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