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Encouraged by this, Volkswagen soon responded by offering a special ‘mix-and-match’ Polo model, using multi-coloured body panels – painted in standard solid paint colours – rearranged in a random symmetrical combination of Flash Red, Chagall Blue, Ginster Yellow and Pistachio Green, to create a rather unusual, high-profile special edition model, variously named Harlequin, Harlekin or Arlequin, depending on market.

These four colours served to communicate different categories of VW’s new modular ordering system, with Chagall Blue representing the engine and chassis, Tornado Red standing for options, Ginster Yellow for equipment and Pistachio Green for paint colour. 

To produce the special Harlequin editions, Volkswagen assembled the five-door Polo bodyshells using its regular methods, running each body through its automated paint shop, sprayed in just one of the model’s four regular solid colours. Once painted and dried, the Polos selected to become Harlequins were set to one side for a bespoke hand-built build process, with the car’s coachwork disassembled down to one base colour, and then reassembled, moving a blue bonnet and door from a base blue bodyshell onto a red base car, for example, and so on, thus ensuring a wide number of possible body panel variants for each Harlequin.

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