Man cooks kebab using Lamborghini| Man tries to grill kebab using Lamborghini’s exhaust, it goes up in smoke – WATCH

man tries to cook kebab in lamborghini
man tries to cook kebab in lamborghini

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Man tries to cook kebab in Lamborghini

Man tries to cook kebab using Lamborghini’s exhaust&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspYouTube

Key Highlights

  • A stunt video of a man trying to cook kebab with a Lamborghini has gone viral on social media
  • Within a few second of revving the vehicle, smoke started to pour out of it
  • A blood-red liquid also ran out across the floor

A Lamborghini went up in smoke after a man tried to flame grill meat on the luxury car’s exhaust. The incident happened in a car garage in Hunan, China where a group of men had met up with their sporty vehicles. A video of the stunt has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a man can be seen crouching on the floor of the garage next to the exhaust of the Lamborghini holding a piece of meat on a skewer.

Another man revs the car’s powerful V12 engine, which sends the flames from the burning fuel shooting out the pipe to cook the kebab.

However, within seconds, smoke starts pouring out of the back engine compartment and a red coolant liquid leaks out from the vehicle across the floor.

Watch the video here:

The men immediately regret the stunt as they are visibly in shock, with none of them appearing to know how to handle the accident.

According to the experts, the accident happened because the Lamborghini was being revved while cold. It appears that the plastic coolant tank ruptured which caused the blood-red coolant to stream out over the floor.

The video has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens unimpressed with the stunt.

One user said, “The Lamborghini Aventador is not good for cooking meat? Who would have known.” Another wrote, “If he doesn’t understand what he’s doing to the car, he shouldn’t have it.”

Yet another added, “One of the worst things you can do is repeatedly rev a car in neutral. It’s not designed for that, especially a Lambo.”

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