Man who killed elderly dad over Ferrari pleads guilty to manslaughter

decorative scales of justice in the courtroom
decorative scales of justice in the courtroom

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A young man who killed his father after a dispute over the son’s purchase of a Ferrari has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

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A young man who was convicted of murdering his elderly father following a dispute over the teenage son’s purchase of a Ferrari but had the conviction overturned on appeal has pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter.

In June 2018, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Alexander Shevalev guilty of the March 1, 2015, second-degree murder of Vladimir Shevalev, 80.

The son, who was 19 at the time of the slaying, appealed the conviction and in August 2019 a three-judge panel of the B.C. Court of Appeal set aside the conviction and ordered a new trial.

But instead of proceeding with a new trial, Shevalev elected to enter the manslaughter plea during a recent appearance before B.C. Supreme Court Justice James Williams.

The accused and his father had had a difficult relationship with the son having grown up bouncing between living with his dad in Canada and living with his mother in Russia, according to an agreed statement of facts in the case.

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When his mother moved to Canada, Shevalev had moved between his parents’ homes at different times. The dad was physically active but had numerous health issues including several recent mini-strokes and had a heart condition that required bypass surgery.

The accused began using cocaine in 2013 and took money from his father’s bank accounts to support his drug habit. He was kicked out of his dad’s condo in the Shaw Tower in Downtown Vancouver in January 2015 after the father discovered Alex had taken about $37,000 from his bank account, and in late February 2015 Alex took about $100,000 from his dad’s account that he used to buy a Ferrari.

The son justified his purchase of the sports car after believing that the father had agreed to give him a large sum of money once he reached age 18, and he had not yet received the money.

The dad was very upset when he discovered the car had been purchased with the funds and went with his son to the dealership in an attempt to return the vehicle but it was closed.

The vehicle was parked in the father’s condo parking lot but the son refused to give him the keys or the ownership papers.

Several days later the two had an argument over the car in the father’s apartment. The argument turned physical with the accused putting his dad in a chokehold.

“In a matter of seconds, Vladimir’s face began turning purple and he was gasping,” says the statement of facts. “He then lost consciousness, and Alex released his hold. A chokehold like the one Alex applied to Vladimir is capable of rendering someone unconscious within 10 seconds or less.”

The cause of death was determined to be external pressure to the neck by way of asphyxia and/or by way of triggering an unseen catastrophic event, such as a fatal cardiac arrhythmia.

A sentencing hearing has been set for Sept. 15.

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