Maserati F Tributo Celebrates Brand’s Racing Heritage


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Maserati F Tributo Range
Photo: Maserati

Maserati unveiled a new lineup of F Tributo Special Edition models at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show that celebrate the brand’s racing heritage as well as one of the most important drivers in motorsport history.

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Racing fans might already know what the “F” stands for and why Maserati is paying “tributo” to him. If you guessed Fangio, you guessed correctly. The great Argentine racer won two of his five world championship titles with the Italian team, as well as the 1957 edition of the 12 Hours of Sebring at the wheel of a Maserati 450S sports car.

Even today, Juan Manuel Fangio is still hailed as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, and Maserati would like you to get a little taste of that glory with the F Tributo Special Edition. Offered only on Ghibli and Levante models, it adds exclusive visual enhancements relevant to the brand racing heritage, such as yellow-painted rims and exclusive red and blue exterior colors.

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“Red is the color of Italian motorsports, and historically Maserati cars always raced in paintwork of this hue, which represented Italy in motor racing in the early years of the last century,” Maserati explained. “The bright, vibrant blue of Azzurro Tributo, on the other hand, reminds us that blue is one of the colors (together with yellow) of the City of Modena, the Brand’s historic home.”

The red-and-yellow color scheme is also reminiscent of the iconic Maserati 250F that Fangio drove to six victories and two championships, and that Sir Stirling Moss, another F1 legend, described as “the nicest F1 front-engine car to drive.”

The cabins of the Ghibli and Levante F Tributo Special Edition also feature leather upholstery with stitching to match the exterior color.

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