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When it comes to rock and roll, sex and drug might be more commonly associated with the lifestyle, but high-end cars also rank highly among these wealthy musicians.

Elton John was a perfect example of this, as while he might’ve been more famous for his chart-topping music and flamboyant costumes, he also loved to splurge on a nice set of wheels.

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A perfect example of this is his old Maserati Quattroporte which is coming up for sale at a British auction near the end of this month. And with just 50,000km on the clock, it might be able to avoid the serious depreciation that these cars fall victim to.

Finished in Verdi’ Deep Emerald Green, this 2005 Quattroporte may well be one of the nicest examples on the market, with the auction listing describing it as having no imperfections.

On the inside, Elton obviously decided to go all-out and get every option availbile, which included the centre-console fridge between the two front seats. Massaging seats, navigation, and a high-end audio system can also be found in here.

Power comes from a Ferrari-sourced 4.2-litre V8 that sends power rearward through a six-speed automatic transmission. Back in 2005, it was rated at a respectable 295kW.

According to the listing, the current owner has put just 1000km on it since buying it off Elton back in 2016. 

Proof of Elton’s ownership comes in the form of a delivery letter that’s addressed to “Mr. John”, which congratulates him on the lavish purchase. 

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