Maserati Grecale SUV previewed ahead of reveal later this year

Maserati Grecale teaser

Yes, you’re seeing it correctly and don’t need your eyes checked.


This is your first look at Maserati’s upcoming small SUV, the Grecale. The Italian brand shared the teaser photos on Thursday as it begins the seduction process ahead of a reveal later this year. Unfortunately, Maserati decided to blur the photos substantially, which makes it more difficult to talk about specifics.

Nevertheless, we can see some details, which includes what might be a very different look for the headlights. Last year, Maserati issued a dark teaser of the Grecale (pronounced grih-KALE, by the way) that showed what looked like a rounder headlight instead of the angular look on the current Levante. With camouflage and the blur effect, it’s still too early to tell what exactly the SUV will look like. Quite honestly, it feels like I’m staring at a Jaguar E-Pace without my glasses on.

Maserati Grecale teaser

Here’s the blurry rear photo. Hard to tell much.


The rear looks a little more like the Levante with longer LED lights sweeping from the SUV’s mid section into the tailgate. It remains to be seen if the trapezoidal look will translate to Maserati’s smaller SUV, or if this will begin a break from some of the current design elements. It’s just way too early to say if the Grecale is a handsome thing or not, but if the company teases the SUV like the MC20 sports car, we’re sure to get a handful more photos before Maserati pulls the veil off in full this year.

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