New Maserati Driving Experience Includes MC20 Master Course

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Tracking an MC20 is part of the MC20 Master Course experience
Photo: Maserati

If you just bought a new Maserati but don’t feel that confident behind the wheel of a V8 Trofeo monster, Maserati has you covered. Now in their 22nd season, Maserati Maserati driving courses are offered in 50 countries around the world with four levels of driving experience, and for the first time, they now include a new MC20 Master course for owners of the brand’s new supercar.

For a hefty fee of €10,000, MC20 owners will get a two-day training experience designed to teach them performance driving skills and techniques using each of the car’s driving modes — GT, Sport, and Race — as well as without electronic aids.

New Supercar: Meet the Maserati MC20

Red 2021 Maserati Ghibli Trofeo at the track for those who cannot access the MC20 Master Course
Photo: Maserati

Fortunately for those unable to get their hands on an MC20, Maserati’s other driving course tiers still provide participants the ability to drive it — or, at the very least, ride inside it.

The entry-level Maserati Maserati course, dubbed “Engine Start,” is a short half-day experience at the wheel of the Ghibli Trofeo and Levante Trofeo, two of the company’s most powerful models. It costs €900 and also provides participants the chance to go on a hot lap inside the MC20 with a pro driver at the wheel.

The next course, simply called “GT,” costs €2,400. It lasts an entire day and goes more in-depth than the Engine Start course with video and telemetry analysis, as well as fast-handling driving sessions. It also lets you drive the MC20, but only in the least dynamic, GT driving mode.

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Finally, the “Sport” course — positioned just under MC20 Master — costs €4,150 and, like the GT course, lasts one day. However, participants get to drive the MC20 in its Sport driving mode and get to drive the GranTurismo MC GT4 race car, which in my mind makes it, possibly, more appealing than the MC20 Master course.

A cool perk of the Master Maserati program are the guest accommodations. New for this year, Maserati is inviting companions to people participating in the driving courses to have a good time while they wait. They’ll be able to relax at a spa, eat a meal prepared by a chef, shop for an afternoon, and explore the hills of Italy’s Emilia region on an electric bike. Finally, all guests will get to go on a hot lap inside a Maserati driven by a pro driver. How thoughtful.

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