New McLaren Artura Plug-in Hybrid REVEALED with 671bhp – costs from £185,500

Photo McLaren Artura Plug-in Hybrid Supercar

McLaren Artura Plug-in Hybrid Supercar

The all-new McLaren Artura arrives as the first of McLaren’s mainstream plug-in hybrids, with 671bhp and prices from £185,500.

McLaren has built a supercar business on the back of producing ‘new’ cars which are the same basic recipe of the same carbon fibre tub and the same V8 engine. But no more.

Now, McLaren is moving in to the 2020s with the first all-new car since the MP4-12C, and it’s a hybrid supercar replacing the entry-level Sports Series McLarens – the McLaren Artura.

The Artura still has a carbon fibre tub, but now it’s an all-new one, the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, built by McLaren is Sheffield and said to be lighter and stronger than the old tub.

The new tub wraps around a new 3.0 litre V6 Turbo engine good for 577bhp on its own, mated to a 94bhp electric motor in the gearbox for a total of 671bhp, with the electric motor filling in torque gaps and allowing (up to) 19 miles of EV running. And it replaces a reverse gear by running backwards when needed.

Official economy is the usual pointless PHEV numbers – it’s over 50mpg – but the performance is far from pointless; 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds and 0-124mph in 8.3 seconds. Weight is kept in check too despite the (pretty modest 7.4kWh) battery and electric motor with a dry weight of 1,395kg, and the eight-speed auto ‘box sends power to the back wheels only.

Despite all this ‘newness’ the Artura still looks like every other McLaren we’ve seen, still has dihedral doors, still has a very simple cockpit (although there’s a new infotainment and drive mode interface). It’s all very evolutionary, despite the quite revolutionary powertrain.

The new McLaren Artura is now on sale in the UK with prices from £185,500 (you’ll be able to spend much more without trying too hard).

McLaren Artura Video

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