Norris thinks they are closer to Red Bull and Mercedes

Lando Norris is convinced that McLaren has made a step forward this season compared to last year, but that there is still plenty to improve on. According to the Brit there is still a lot of free lap time to be gained because of the new Mercedes engine in their car.

McLaren started the season with fourth and seventh place, behind Red Bull and Mercedes. An excellent performance considering qualifying on Saturday, where the team had a harder time than on Sunday with the competition. Norris doesn’t yet know exactly where they stand but the gap to Red Bull and Mercedes has narrowed: “We’ve closed the gap quite a bit and hopefully we can close it even more at some tracks,” the Englishman says hopefully to The Race.

Free lap time

The McLaren driver thinks there’s still something in store from the Mercedes engine, which is in their car for the first time this year: “It’s hard to say if we’re easily the best of the rest. But I think we are satisfied, the car is good, it showed a lot of good points but also some bad points and things we clearly need to work on. Also on the PU side. And that’s not easy, but that will bring some free lap time and things that will make our life as drivers much easier.”

Finally, Norris foresees more work for qualifying than for the race: “I think we have some work to do on Saturday, probably more than on Sunday.”

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