‘Stay home’ urges county engineer as road conditions worsen

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WEEK) – Driving conditions Sunday into Monday continued to worsen across Central Illinois. Peoria County Engineer Amy McLaren saying the accidents and slide-offs have been worse than usual, even for a snow storm.

Roads across most counties were covered in snow, even after being plowed. “The winds are steady and it’s just blowing back over the things we just plowed over,” said McLaren.

Crews still fighting the snow, spreading salt around the clock. “The crew is really fighting it out there to get it as best as we can,” explained McLaren. Now, the county is running low on salt. McLaren saying they won’t run out, but they’re using it as quickly as it comes in.

Some drifts across roads in more rural areas reaching 5 and 6 feet high. “It makes really large drifts, it doesn’t even look like it but you get up on it and see they’re really big drifts,” said McLaren.

The bitter cold temperatures are causing issues as well. McLaren said the salt isn’t as effective, making the roads more slick with less traffic. She encouraged people to stay home. But if you have to travel, she said “Give our plows plenty of room if you’re out there.”

She added it’s always a good idea to carry a blanket, water, and snacks in your car just in case you get stranded.

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