Watch: McLaren teases plug-in hybrid supercar ahead of launch – News

As far as plug-in hybrids go, McLaren has had quite a head start on more traditional supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. The P1 was the brand’s first plug-in hybrid, released back in 2014.

To be fair, the British brand has taken a few years to follow this first plug-in hybrid up, but tomorrow, McLaren will unveil the Artura, which is set to slot into the brand’s sports series line-up.

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From this teaser video, we can make out the supercar’s scissor doors, a ‘McLaren Artura’ logo between the twin exhaust pipes at the rear, and thin tail lights inspired by the Elva.

McLaren also shows off the electric range display on the gauge cluster, which also displays charging information. The 26457 miles on the odometre shows that this prototype has completed some serious testing.

We already know that this car will be powered by a V6 engine, and can safely assume that it’ll benefit from a pair of turbochargers. The electric motor will help improve both fuel economy and performance.

Speaking of performance, McLaren has remained tight-lipped around power figures, but there’s speculation of the Artura producing at least 447kW. 

We also know that the Artura will be built on a completely new platform, which has been dubbed the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). 

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