Miami Supercar Rooms Lets You Eat In The Presence Of Automotive Royalty

Miami is a city that can overwhelm even the most calloused with its intoxicating beauty, inspiring culture, and impressive style. Inside one of its most underappreciated jewels, the Wynwood Arts District, lies a 15,000 square feet space unlike any other on the planet. This space is called Miami Supercar Rooms. Inside its walls, some incredibly special cars become elevated even further than their impressive prominence might already suggest. These are cars that most consider unobtainium including a Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16, an original Alfa Romeo Disco Volante prototype, and a TVR Tuscan (one of less than five in the U.S.). Plenty of folks in Miami have cool supercar collections, though. Take a tour with us as we experience one automotive enthusiast’s love and vision to spotlight special cars to more people. Like so many innovative ideas, we bet you’ll wonder why people weren’t doing this sooner.

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One Man’s Vision: Cars, Art, And Food

Bullfighting (1)

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Known simply as “Elo”, the founder of Miami Supercar Rooms is an automotive enthusiast to his core. Upon arriving at the venue for the first time, Elo spent more than an hour with us just talking about his personal love for cars. He related one experience after another that influenced his automotive journey. These aren’t the latest Ferraris or Bugattis that we’re talking about, either. His first car was a 1983 Volkswagen Golf. He told us about tracking down and buying the car his father drove him home from the hospital in when he was born. And did I mention the 1-of-3 Lamborghini Tractor he’s got hanging out in the back? His love for cars from every facet of the automotive world drove him to create a new way for people to experience them in a whole new way.

Miami Supercar Rooms is what Elo calls “a three-sense experience.” The space serves as a completely unique event space that hosts everything from private parties to automotive debuts and even design panel discussions. Visitors aren’t just there for the cars, though. No, most aren’t die-hard car enthusiasts even. They’re there for the whole experience that is Miami Supercar Rooms. Cars, music, art, and fine foods are all included. As the “world’s first automotive dining experience,” the upscale menu typically features local chefs’ creations. Live music or a DJ ensures that the vibe is never less than electrifying.

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And the art—well, that’s on the walls and the tarmac. Covering the walls are various pieces, but the cars are the real stars. Elo wanted people to see these cars as more than just bits of rare metal, rubber, and other miscellanies. He wants them to see them as they are: pieces of rolling artwork. They’re crafted with the love and passion that all the greatest conventional artists have. They have a bit of life in them, and they tell incredible stories. Instead of viewing them in a separate garage or museum space before or after dinner alone, the cars inside these walls are an integral part of every visit.

Supercars At Your Table


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Each event takes place in a central open-air segment of the property featuring a large open paddock, six covered dining tables, and a large garage space housing some of Elo’s most prized vehicles. During my visit, a classic 1971 Chevrolet C30 converted into a 40-foot bar and DJ booth occupied the central area. Inside the garage, Elo introduced us to a Fiat 500 (that happened to be Fabio Lamborghini’s first car), a custom chopper built by Paul Milbourn called the Weird Fish, and more. What really stood out, though, were three super rare cars.

Espada Rat Rod

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The first is the one that welcomes everyone into the space. It’s a 1971 Lamborghini Espada converted into the only real Lamborghini Rat Rod known to man. Built by Danton Art Kustoms in collaboration with Fabio Lamborghini and Elo, it features the original V12 prominently. Built to celebrate 50 years since the introduction of the 2+2 coupe, this wild bull has a story that’s all about shocking onlookers, and it does that very well. The track is more than eight feet wide, the sides feature Reventon side scoops, and the interior has four very aggressive seats. There’s even the same fighter jet-style start-stop switch you’ll find in a modern Lamborghini.

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Maserati 450S

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Flanking it on the one side is a 1958 Maserati 450S racecar. Every inch of it was hand-built, and to walk around it and take it in just after drinking in the Espada was a reminder of how far automotive manufacturing has come. Under its lift-off hood is a V8 that makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 hp. Elo was kind enough to wake it up for us. Immediately the noise filled the room and quickly the scent of unburned fuel followed. The smile on Elo’s face was akin to a kid on Christmas morning.

Dino 196 SP

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On the other side of the Lamborghini is a Ferrari 196 SP Dino. It’s so rare that the original prototypes were lost to history. Without the bonnet in place, the twin-plug V6 stares back at us in all of its handcrafted glory. Its elegant simplicity is something to behold. The throttle connects to a pivoting arm that works its way through the firewall down to the driver’s right foot. The knock-off center-lock wheels bear witness of their use with visible hammer marks, secured with metal that’s not dissimilar to baling wire. Stories on all three of these masterpieces are coming soon.

After serving food, the party doesn’t stop, though. At each of the tables is another rolling piece of artwork situated inside the dining space, with each car curated to match the event and corresponding artwork. Their very presence invites guests to learn about them, to consider them in relation to the adjacent artworks, and see them for more than the mechanical masterpieces that they are. At some events, each dining pod has an associate that happens to be an expert on the car in that pod. The cars then aren’t just art or decor, and they’re not just rare, but rather an invitation for visitors to engage in conversation, in thought, and in appreciation of their magnificence. They draw out the enthusiast that some didn’t know was in them, and the space offers even more to those who already love cars.

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Bring Your Own Supercar

AMR JTR1000 (1)

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For those already in the automotive fold, Miami Supercar Rooms offers something few other places do. That’s the chance to make your own car a part of the show. During the event I was in attendance for, two Lamborghini Huracans graced one side of the courtyard posing as if they were in the midst of a bullfight. At the far end of the space was a Jeep Gladiator unlike any other. Built by the wizards at America’s Most Wanted, it’s internally designated as the AMW 1000.

Under the hood is a 1,000-hp supercharged V8 known to most enthusiasts as the Hellephant. Elo was kind enough to see to it that we got a chance to go for a ride in the monster, so expect a story on that soon too. No Jeep has ever felt as planted and stable. That’s just one more facet of what makes Miami Supercar Rooms so special. Every single event is a bit different, but they’re all incredibly special. Next time you’re in the Miami area, there’s no place more engaging to visit. Bring car people, bring non-car people, and bring your own supercar. Everyone will have a great time.

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