More grid penalties in Russia: Giovinazzi gets new gearbox

Many teams have chosen to take grid penalties with their drivers in Russia. Earlier this week Ferrari and Red Bull Racing announced that Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen would start from the back of the grid. On Saturday, Nicholas Latifi‘s Williams car was added and on Sunday morning it was announced that Valtteri Bottas will also add himself to the list. Antonio Giovinazzi will also receive a grid penalty, but not because of a new engine change.

The Italian of Alfa Romeo will have his gearbox replaced and since he has not driven the regulation six races with the gearbox, he can count on a grid penalty of five places. He’ll now start the race in 16th.

No major damage for Giovinazzi

Without a grid penalty he would have been fourteenth, but now he is moved to the back of the grid, but still ahead of the drivers who replace their entire engine. They have the penalty of starting at the back of the grid, no matter how many parts they replace. Giovinazzi gets a five place penalty on the grid and will start in front of the drivers with a new engine, but behind the drivers without a grid penalty.

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