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porsche cayenne deportivo walter rohrl 01.jpeg 750x
porsche cayenne deportivo walter rohrl 01.jpeg 750x

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Porsche didn’t invent luxury SUVs, but we can say that somehow inaugurated the category of atomic SUVs (And sports?) With the first-generation Cayenne Turbo back in 2002, a massive 2.5-ton mass powered by a 450 hp supercharged V8. Thus, the Stuttgarters want to become the benchmark ultra sports SUV, and that is why they have resorted to the very Walter Röhrl to fine-tune the most performance variant of this current third installment.

New high-performance variant of the Cayenne rolling at Hockenheim

“It feels like a sports compact and not like an SUV.”

In the images released by the German brand, we can see a Cayenne with a black coupe body, next to which the two-time world rally champion and the well-known Porsche test driver Lars Kern, who has participated from minute zero in the development of this high-performance version and has to his credit several records at the wheel of various models of the German brand.

In Röhrl’s words, after completing several laps at the Hockenheim circuit, we can say that we are facing an SUV that conveys the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a compact sports car for agility: “The car is incredibly stable, even in fast corners, and its handling is very precise on the lines. More than ever, you have the feeling of sitting in a compact sports car rather than a large SUV. “

Porsche Cayenne Deportivo Walter Rohrl 04Walter Rohrl and Lars Kern posing next to the new Cayenne variant

Taking the basis of the Cayenne Turbo Coupé, which features under the hood a 549 hp V8 mechanics capable of completing 0-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, Porsche is trying to achieve an even more dynamic vehicle without compromising comfort and usability, for which in the first place they are working on a more optimized management of the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), which is capable of keeping the body flat when turning by acting on elements such as the hardness of the suspension or the active stabilizers.

But that’s not all, because according to Kern commented, there has also been work on some new front axle geometries increasing the negative drop by 0.45 degrees, which contributes to greater stability and greater contact surface of the tire with the ground.

The most radical version of the Cayenne could reach 650 hp

We do not know the figures declared by this ultra-sporty Cayenne, although that V8 has even much more leeway to be squeezed. Recall that the Audi RS Q8 with which it shares a propeller reaches up to 600 hp, in addition to incorporating mild hybrid technology that makes it the bearer of the ECO label, or that there is even a Lamborghini Urus with a huge 650 hp.

Porsche Cayenne Deportivo Walter Rohrl Gts 2007First Porsche Cayenne GTS (2007)

However, as we have already hinted, Porsche’s recipe is not just about delivering more power, but for also accompanying it with a chassis capable of digesting it, something that we could already see in the Cayenne GTS of 2007, with a “meager” 405 CV if it was compared with the 549 of the Turbo S of that then, but with lower weight, a firmer specific suspension and aerodynamically spiced.

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