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1a doble principal porsche e cayenne 1 1000x575
1a doble principal porsche e cayenne 1 1000x575

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The upcoming evolution is not comparable to all changes that we have seen in the last 50 years and perhaps it is similar to the emergence of the automobile itself. There is technology even infrastructure to invent, which substitutes more than a century of ideas, concepts, routines or ways of seeing and understanding things. The transition period is surely the most critical because of the difficulties and reluctance to bring change on a large scale.

Although Porsche the Taycan It has been a success at all levels, for the product itself and in view of its sales, it does not mean that the renewal of the most commercial Porsche range, on the one hand, and emblematic, on the other, should be produced progressively with proposals for both the most conservative driver and the most innovative.

New Porsche Macan… electric

The next generation Macan will definitely be a native electric model, but it will coexist for a time with thermal versions of the current model that will also receive common advances. The future electric Macan will be the Porsche’s first development on the PPE platform shared with Audi, a very versatile modular base from which many new models of different formats will emerge (Audi A6 e-tron, Q6 e-tron and electric Porsche Cayenne will be immediately next).

So will the Porsche e-Macan. Illustration: Schulte.

The PPE platform is designed to offer many mechanical motor / battery combinations, in addition to be able to count on air suspension, rear steering and rear self-locking. Porsche will always start from the base of two engines, one per axle, that will report all-wheel drive and very high performance to the Macan. The modular battery will allow to have options up to 100 kW and will have the 800 volt architecture features the Taycan, which allows ultra-fast charges (up to 270 kW) and improves the weight, size and performance of the engines.

In the best case, less than 20 minutes would be enough to obtain 400 kilometers of autonomy, or only 5 minutes in exchange for 100 kilometers. The electric Macan, scheduled to arrive in 2022, will compete with the most powerful versions of the thermal range, so it would have not less than 400 hp. Even like the Taycan, the Turbo designation will be retained for the more performance versions.

Your style will be more sporty, with a silhouette that helps to reduce the aerodynamic coefficient, a great ally of electric cars in search of greater efficiency. The headlights would no longer be inspired by those of the 911, to follow the style of the Taycan, the image of the brand in electrical matters.

So will the Porsche e-Cayenne.  Illustration: Schulte.So will the Porsche e-Cayenne. Illustration: Schulte.

The Porsche Cayenne 4, below

A similar dilemma will happen with the Cayenne. The current generation (2017) still has a few years to go, when in addition in its range PHEV versions (and recently improved) are offered. If the usual business cycles are met, its 4th generation should arrive by 2024, and there would still be time and need to continue to have thermal versions (2030 seems the year that marks the end of the manufacture of thermal models).

Porsche would keep the current Cayenne fully evolved, but it would also give way to a completely electric one developed on the PPE platform. With the thermals as a reference, the Electric Cayenne would opt for the most performance of PPE: two engines and around 600 hp of departure. In your case, with the battery there could be news … motivated by the electrification of the 718 Cayman and Boxster.

This will be the Porsche e-Cayman.  Illustration: Schulte.So will the Porsche e-Cayman. Illustration: Schulte.

Reinvention: Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster

On Porsche, as in all brands, sooner or later full electrification will come to all its models. Even their icons … or not. Doing it with 911 would be a matter of state. It is assumed that there will be next hybrid versions, but it will not be converted to electric. A natural electrical mechanical configuration would not respect the intrinsic 911 format, its 2 + 2 seats with the engine hanging and a “boxer arrangement”. Another thing would not be a 911. And that is already non-negotiable in a myth that has already had to cool its engines with water or abandon atmospheric mechanics. When the day comes, we will see you off with all the honors.

But With the Caymans and Boxster, the conversion will happen. Although not at any price. It is no secret that Porsche has developed and shown prototypes of the 718 with hybrid mechanics that we will see in the next generation Cayman and Boxster (2022/23), probably as FHEV and / or PHEV.

So will the Porsche e-Boxster.  Illustration: Schulte.This will be the Porsche e-Boxster. Illustration: Schulte.

Also works on its total electrification, but since with current battery technology, a minimum of 300 kilometers of autonomy could not be guaranteed without making significant changes to the platform, the plan will be to derive an electric version from the PPE platform (2024).

This approach would add to the future 718 Cayman and Boxster, which would even have all-wheel drive versions, non-existent in the conventional versions, which it would also comfortably surpass in power. By then, solid-state lithium batteries could be ready, and with their higher energy density, reduce their weight and volume.

This will be the future generation of the Porsche Panamera.  Illustration: Schulte.This will be the future generation of the Porsche Panamera. Illustration: Schulte.

And in the meantime, the Panamera

Also there will be a new generation of the Porsche Panamera, the third, which should not arrive later than 2023/24. The PHEV versions will advance in electric autonomy, with larger batteries, and a pure electric version is not ruled out … compatible with the Taycan, which Porsche sees no rival to the Panamera.

Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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