‘No Time to Die’ Pint-Sized Aston Martin DB5 James Bond Edition Makes You a Spy for $123,000

No Time to Die is the James Bond franchise’s 25th installment. The trailers highlight an abundance of action, fashion, beautiful cars, and a couple of new characters. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic delayed the movie several times, but the marketing has kept the movie on moviegoers’ radars. An expensive pint-sized Aston Martin DB5 battery-powered car is the next piece of fun pieces to come from No Time to Die.

James Bond highlights beautiful cars

Agent 007 Bond has always been sporting eye-catching cars throughout the movie series. It all started with Dr. No‘s Sunbeam Alpine. There have been a variety of classic cars for audiences to admire. Some of the most beloved cars from the franchise include BM0 750iL, Aston Martin Vanquish, and the AMC Hornet.

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