Norris takes on the role of team leader at McLaren: ‘Giving everyone that feeling’

McLaren is having a very strong season at the moment. For the first time since 2012 they won and for the first time this season a team achieved a 1-2 result and that honour went to the British team. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are working very well together and they make sure that there is a good feeling in the factory in Woking.

“We want to make everyone feel like they’re part of the team. Not just that they work for someone, but that they really belong. They are also passionate about the sport and want to be part of the adventure,” Norris acknowledged in conversation with Motorsport-Total. The young Briton entered McLaren as a junior driver and will continue to drive the orange car for the next few years.

Norris sets himself up as team leader

So he has witnessed McLaren’s moves from very close quarters. In the Honda period he was already in the team and under Renault Norris himself could take a seat in one of the two cars. Now they drive with Mercedes engines and they manage to score podiums. Norris himself thinks that the results achieved are partly due to the strong team spirit that he and Ricciardo provide.

“They are there for us and we are there for the team. They want to do everything to help us and we want the same for the team. That’s why we want to get results together and I think that makes it a lot easier,” Norris concluded.

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