Offer to buy a 1989 Austin Maestro leads to launch of new British museum

FSP Drive Dads Car 139 1280x853
FSP Drive Dads Car 139 1280x853

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England’s newest car museum has opened, and its creation was inspired by a 32-year-old Austin Maestro, according to Richard Usher, founder of the Great British Car Journey.

“Four years ago, when I owned and managed Blyton (motorsports) Circuit, a gentleman approached me asking if I’d like to buy his 1989 Austin Maestro in mint condition with just 10,000 miles on the clock,” Usher is quoted in a news release.

“My first thought was ‘no.’ but it then got me thinking about when I last saw an Austin Allegro, Metro, original Mini, or even a Ford Cortina on the road. These were cars that were once on virtually every street in Britain and sold in their millions.”

With that “seed” nurtured over the course of the next four years, Usher and four investors set out to collect British designed and manufactured vehicles and to showcase them in a museum designed to tell the story of the UK motor industry.

The seed was planted and Richard, together with four private investors, set about amassing one of the largest privately owned collections of British designed and manufactured cars in the country.

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